Action Steps

Causes to get involved in:

·         Homeless Rights

o   Homeless Advocacy Project (

·         Human Rights

o   The Human Relations Commission (

·         Funding for Low Income Housing Scattered Site Development

·         Making the Minimum Wage a Livable Wage

o   Living Wage Calculator (

·         Universal Pre-K

o   Please support HeadStart and other early education programs.

·         Funding to Develop and Sustain Low Income Housing

·         Funding for Discharge Planning and Services for Persons Exiting Jail

·         Funding for Discharge Planning and Services for Persons Exiting the Foster Care System

Places to connect to:

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

The National Alliance to End Homelessness

Family Homelessness

The National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty

The Institute for Children, Poverty, and Homelessness

The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans

Sample Advocacy Letter:


Title of Recipient 
Address of Recipient

Re: Bill Number or Topic

Dear [Recipient’s title and name],

Open with the purpose of your letter: to express your concern about a problem, urge support or opposition for bill, request the introduction of a new bill, etc. State what the position you would like the recipient to take. Indicate right away that you are constituent (if writing to a legislator).

Explain the problem in a concise and factual manner. If you are writing about a bill, state what it would do and how the bill’s passage would affect you and your community.

Thank him or her and respectfully request a response.


Your name, address and email

Find your Representative:

Find your State Representative: