Berks County Homeless Data

Why Data Matters:

It is important that policies, procedures, interventions, and practice be monitored and evaluated. Through this evaluation we are able to better understand what works in our community. This then allows us to focus our efforts into the strategies that best fit our consumers needs.

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Program Priority Listing FY 2017
CoC Ranking Tool FY 2017
Collaborative Application FY 2018

Point-In-Time Count

The Point in Time Count (PIT) is conducted every year on the last Wednesday in January. The PIT is intended to provide a “snap shot” into what the homeless population is like in a particular area. Please see the link below to learn more about the dynamics of homelessness in Berks County.

2019 Berks County PIT Data
2017 Berks County AHAR Summary
2019 Berks County System Performance Measures

The Housing Inventory Count

The Housing Inventory Count (HIC) is conducted every year on the last Wednesday in January. It occurs at the same time as the PIT so that utilization rates can be measured accurately. Please see the link below to see a breakdown of the emergency housing available in Berks County.

Click here for the Housing Inventory Chart

Reading Berks County Comparison

The Berks Coalition to End Homelessness has done a comparison of social, economic, and housing statistics for Reading and Berks County. Using American Community Survey 3- year estimates we were able to review the differences between Reading and the rest of Berks County.

Click here for the Comparison Chart

The Annual Homeless Assessment Report

The AHAR is the annual homeless assessment report to Congress. All the homeless data from across the country is compiled in this report. This is what our data looked like: