Point-in-Time Count 2022

Last week, members of the BCEH team took to the streets and our local drop-in centers and food distribution organizations to talk with individuals and families experiencing unsheltered homelessness. This effort was part of the Point-in-Time count that the Department of Housing and Urban Development requires every year. We would like to thank the organizations in Reading and Berks County that were willing to assist us this year. We partnered with a local member of the community who recently obtained permanent housing after living in the woods for a few years; he was instrumental in helping the BCEH team meet new people to talk to, and we were able to connect several of them with services and supplies!

The Point-in-Time count resulted in the BCEH team talking with around 40 community members experiencing unsheltered homelessness. The effort to end homelessness could not be achieved without your help! You can donate to BCEHs work via PayPal at this link or you can donate items such as sleeping bags, hand warmers, and other necessary items. You can call your State and Federal Representatives to encourage them to increase funding for housing in our community. You can also raise awareness and share information about programs and opportunities in and around the City. Thank you for your continued support in the effort to end homelessness!

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